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Recommend a friend or colleague to Interactive Selection

Interactive Selection relies on recommendations. We do not advertise, but rely on reputation and word of mouth to work with the very best work seekers within interactive entertainment. We pride ourselves on the high level of referrals we receive, and seek to maintain this.

From April 6, 2004, we are now able to reward those that take the trouble to refer a friend or colleague to Interactive Selection where this results in their employment/ engagement with one of our clients.

We pay cash, subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

This referral fee relates to the value of the placement. The more your friend or colleague is paid or the longer the placement, the higher the referral fee. There are also no limits on the number of people you can recommend.

Terms & Conditions / How it works.

1. You must be registered with Interactive Selection to be able to claim a fee for referring a work seeker. If you are not already registered, you can register by clicking HERE. You need not actively be looking to change jobs. Not sure if you are registered? Call +44 20 8944 7777.

2. You must complete a full online referral form. Referral Form (Failure to do this will invalidate any claim made.) It is recommended that the intention to use this form should be conveyed to Interactive Selection at the outset of any referral.

3. You must claim a referral fee within 30 days of the referred person’s start at Interactive Selection’s client.

4. Claims will not be eligible against referred persons whom at the time of the referral were already registered with Interactive Selection.

5. Payments will only be made when Interactive Selection has been paid by its client.

6. The Interactive Selection referral scheme is non contractual and may be changed or withdrawn at any time.